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Posted on 22 Aug 2008 in Nursing Jobs |

Minot Nursing Chair Buettner-Schmidt Gets Fellowship

The Nursing Department Chair at Minot State University is getting ready to do her part to help Americans live healthier lives. Kelly Buettner-Schmidt has received the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellowship.

The foundation has been around for 35 years and is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. As a recipient of the fellowship award Buettner-Schmidt will work to get her PhD in the policy side of nursing.

All of her tuition and travel to the University of New Mexico will be paid for by the foundation for the next few years so that she and other nurses will become more involved in policy making and healthcare…

“Nurses have a broad background in health and direct patient care so they are really perfect to be sitting at the table saying what are the policies this state or nation should pass or consider to improve the health of the United States,” said Buettner-Schmidt.

Buettner-Schmidt began her studies at the University of New Mexico in August of 2007.

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