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Posted on 09 Jul 2012 in Nursing Jobs |

Nurse Jobs Hard To Come By For New Nurses (Audio)

Are you a recent nursing school graduate wondering why you can’t find that first nursing job? You are not alone. This audio report from the most excellent Marketplace radio may provide some insight as to where the rumored nursing jobs went and when they may return.

Here is one of the key takeaways from the story:

David Auerbach is a health economist with the RAND Corporation. He says there are a few reasons for this weird historical moment: Over the past decade, nursing schools just about doubled the number of grads they produced. Then the recession hit. Fewer people were able to afford health care, which reduced demand for nurses. At the same time, the lousy economy prompted a lot of nurses to delay retirement.

Says Auerbach, “That means there’s about more than 100,000 nurses that are in the workforce now who otherwise probably would’ve retired by now.”

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