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Posted on 05 Jun 2009 in Nursing Jobs |

Nurse Jobs Remain Nationwide Employment Bright Spot

If you are looking for work you stand an excellent chance of getting hired if you are someone with the credentials for a nurse job or related health care career. This is not news to the health care industry or registered nurses, it is more a tradition. A new confirmation comes from a survey published by Forbes listing “The Hardest Jobs to Fill in America.”

Coming in second right behind engineers, according to the survey, jobs for nurses were the hardest for employers to fill. The jobs are there but not the applicants, according to the survey of 2,019 employers conducted by Manpower in the first quarter of 2009.

The authors say the aging US population and need for senior care is one reason, along with the chronic shortage of nursing school graduates and increased demand for nurses in the highly technical world of health care.

Part of the problem, say the authors, is the lack of nurse educators to teach nursing students. California has innovated in this area and implemented programs to increase nursing programs at the community college level. Evidence in Ventura County suggests the 23 new nursing programs established at California colleges has paid off. It has turned the traditional “supply failing to meet demand” for nurse job applicants balance upside down. At least for now. Official California government projections from the Employment Development Department list jobs for registered nurses in the top 20 occupations with job openings in the 2007-2009 period at just over 15,000.

The lesson is clear. If you are seeking a recession-proof career go to nursing school and become a registered nurse. But if you are a reader of you already knew that, didn’t you?

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