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Posted on 31 Dec 2006 in Nursing Jobs |

Tell Your Nursing Story!

Tell Your Nursing Story!

Tell your story! We want to interview you, either in person (if you are local to Ventura County), or, over the telephone. What about? You! Your background, why you decided to go into nursing, your specialty if you have one, what you think about the state of nursing today and changes you’d like to see. We will publish the interviews (mostly your answers and thoughts) in an iTunes compatible ongoing series of podcasts.

Like any interview subject (think National Public Radio), there is no payment involved, but you get a chance to share the good and bad with others and to get your voice heard. We are looking nurses and even student nurses from all parts of the USA and Canada (initially), with any license, any gender and any specialty.

All you need to do to get started is click the contact us link and tell us:

Your name
Approximate age
Where you live
Your nursing education and licenses
Your specialty (if any)
A little about why you think what you have to say is interesting.
How and when to reach you by phone (your e-mail address too).

Are you looking for a nursing job? Have you heard we are about to open a nursing career center? Watch this space for a wonderful new career resource where you can post your nursing resume and search for nursing jobs.

Would you like to write for on the topic of nursing jobs or some other subject?

Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.